Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Panda and bamboo nail art stamping!!!

Since a lot of my nail painting time involves my daughter wanting to do her nails too, I often let her pick out stamping or nail art designs for me to do for the blog.

One animal we REALLY love, is the Panda bear. So naturally she picked Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-424.

I started with 2 coats of FEVERlacquer Snake Juice, a juicy black crelly, on all nails except my ring fingernail. On my ring fingernail I applied 2 coats of Sally Hansen complete salon manicure Honey Whip, a yellow toned nude cream.

With Zoya Shawn I stamped the bamboo image over Honey Whip and with Savina French White and Shawn I stamped the images of the pandas holding bamboo over Snake Juice. On my thumbnail I used the image of the paw prints even though they're not bear prints, they were as close as I could get using this plate!

I finished off with Poshe top coat.

-- Casandra

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