Monday, April 29, 2013

Butter London TORCH swatches and review!!!!

Well today is a grey and rainy day here in my part of Pennsylvania, what a bummer! I wanted to brighten that up with a GORGEOUS polish I got my hands on thanks to a wonderful friend helping me out!

butter LONDON Torch is on my nails and brightening my day for sure! Luckily I photographed this one before it was too late and the rain came.

Torch is a Nordstrom exclusive limited edition butter LONDON, it is such a vibrant coral (not too orange) almost sheer creamy polish loaded with this stunning bright yellow toned shimmer. I was so happy when I applied this polish and saw that shimmer reflect so well on the nail like it did in the bottle, I always get bummed when that doesn't happen. The formula was a bit strange, it was thin and almost sheer, like a crelly, but after 2 coats it started to really build. I ended up with 3 total coats and it dried very quick, even as I was applying it I had to be sure to fully dip the brush in the polish bottle so it didn't get gooey and string from drying while applying. I topped off the color with a light coat of Poshe top coat.



  1. Oh it looks gorgeous!!! Such a hot spring feel!!!

  2. Holy mother %&@§! I'm in love! Maybe my taste is twisted from listening to Cohen's Hallelujah all night but boy, I don't care right now. It's beautiful! What a shame it's an exclusive shade.

  3. It does look great, your application is flawless!


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