Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OPI Pompeii Purple swatches and review !!!

Notice anything different about the blog today?! If you haven't, check your browser, we have our own domain now! To access the blog you no longer have to type it is now www.TheManiLogues.Com !!!!!! Couldn't be happier about this step up in the right direction.

If you caught my blog post yesterday about the awesome new cuticle balm from The Nail Junkie, I mentioned today's post would feature one of my favorite polishes, OPI Pompeii Purple. I've come to realize that I am completely in love with iridescent shades of polish. I love the shimmer and duo-chrome effect they present every time... they look so unique and bright.

I was completely confused by the name of this one from the 2004 Greek Isles collection from OPI. It fits the theme, obviously, but the color.... not so purple, until you get to the flash of iridescence. I get that magenta is on the purple hues of the color spectrum, but this leans a BIT more toward hot pink than magenta in my opinion. It does have (because of that iridescence) that flash of purple/violet shimmer and color at the right angle. In any light.

The formula is extremely easy to work with and applied like butter, I do like that this one is a little more opaque than most iridescent shades I own (they tend to be a bit on the sheer end). It took 2 coats, I did 3 on a few nails because I rushed it and got a few bald spots. I topped it off with INM Out The Door top coat although it dries pretty glossy, it did this to protect from chipping which I tend to have a lot with OPI iridescent shades.

I know, that is a LOT of pictures... but I had to turn my nails at all sorts of angles to show off the different flashes of color in there between the magenta and violet and the shimmer. It looks jelly-like because of the iridescence which makes me even happier with my love of iridescent finishes, I LOVE JELLIES!

-- Casandra

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