Friday, May 18, 2012

OUAT challenge DAY 4! Featuring Max Factor Fantasy Fire!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! We had a WONDERFUL first visit at the zoo for Violet :) The zebra made noises at her, the ostrich tried to fight through the fence and eat her, and she got to see the Otters get fed and do tricks! Husband and I LOVE the zoo, so we are ecstatic that Violet does too! Can't wait to go again!

Here is husband and Violet hanging out by the zebras and ostrich!

love them!

Now... only 4 days left (including today) of the OUAT nail art challenge!
DAY 4 - Something magical!  I decided to choose the most magical thing from the show... magic itself! I went with the purple "fog" that brought the curse and in the end brought magic back to unpredictable Storybrook!

I did 1 base coat of Julep - Gayle (a perfect eggplant purple cream), and after, on each nail I did swirls patterns with China Glaze - Flying Dragon. Once that dried I did 2 coats of Max Factor - Fantasy Fire (a green to purple/pink layering duochrome... I am majorly underwhelmed with Fantasy Fire but it did the look for me I wanted.)

This shows the dark and light and magical look of the crazy purple "fog", one of those mysterious things on the show that totally reminds me of the "black smoke monster" on LOST! haha LOVE IT!

What is your favorite thing from ONCE UPON A TIME that is magical?!

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  1. WOW it turned out AMAZING!! I love this look!!!
    I really gotta put my hands on Flying Dragon sometimes and try something like that!
    Not going to bother with the Max Factor though, especially after your thoughts of it, but I am sure I can find some other thing to get a look like this ;-))
    Thanks for this one!!!


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