Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a proverb... on my nails? Barielle - Do Unto Others

Let me start off with... what is with me and creams lately?! No, seriously, if I wear a cream it's got to have some glitter over it or a flakie! Lately though... I have been liking them plain.

Grabbed a few of my creams out of my untrieds (basically my  "I'll never wear you but I am too much of a sucker to give you away or sell you" pile) and first pick was a gorgeous blue... but wait is it green?

Barielle - Do Unto Others, is a blue/green (kind of a blue-er version of what pure turqouise gem looks like)

Alas we are to the "meaning", 'Do Unto Others, As You Would Them Do Unto You', has got to be one of the most well known. It holds true though and is very fitting for the nail polish community right now where people seem to be at each other's throats over these beautiful bottles of lacquer. I can't say I don't blame them for getting worked up about polish, it is a wonderful art, escape, passion, hobby, you name it... but being nasty to each other is never a fun environment to be around.

I was going on about how much I loved this polish, the application was super smooth it has a great formula and wasn't streaky, all around I thought it was great! Then my friend Traci tells me it stains on removal! Egaaaad, can I win or no!? haha Well I got super lucky because when I removed this only one nail had staining (i used a swiping off and a not rubbing off motion?? helpful? maybe ill do a test another time... not too important right now right?) , and a little whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush cleaned that up in a minute or two :)

I only needed 2 coats and I went with some of my new fave, Poshe top coat :)


Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

And this is artificial light, here is where it goes toward a greenish blue more than the robins egg blue in light and flash from the camera.

Other than the staining issue... I really love this polish!

Take Care,

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  1. Such a pretty color!!! I want it :)

    1. Thanks! It's unusual for me to like these creams and it was a pleasant surprise!

  2. OOoOoOoOhhhh such a pretty color!!!

  3. That's a good idea about not rubbing in the polish.

    1. I figured it was worth a try and it worked!


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