Tuesday, March 27, 2012

14 Day children's Challenge - DAY 12! Violet loves green beans!

Here we are on DAY 12 (2 days left) of the challenge and I was yet again stumped as to what to do! Where is my head lately with nail art ideas!? haha

DAY 12 - Child's Favorite Food...

All of yesterday I really gave some thought to Violet's favorite food, obviously it is a pureed food or formula since she has no teeth and is only 7 months old heh, and really the only food she gets super excited over and eats a whole jar in a sitting... is GREEN BEANS (peaches are a close second though)!

You know what that means?! She is JUST like her mommy :) (hey thats me!) and loves green beans (especially the country cooked ones from Cracker Barrel restaurants OM NOM NOM NOM)

So instead of just doing green bean pods I wanted to do what it looks like before she eats it... mushy and green gloppy goodness! haha honestly it doesnt taste or smell bad... it just looks that way haha. The coolest way (and really the only way i could justify a nail art for pureed food) is the "watercolor" technique. This is done by putting a base color on in say 2 coats, and then another coat after its dried, of a different color... then taking a wider art brush dipped in acetone/remover, you run it down the nail until the bottom color shows through. I saw the idea elsewhere but my friend Jacki at Adventures In Acetone found me another blog (polishfixation.blogspot.com) that described how to do this different effect!

Here is what her green beans looks like...
 OM NOM NOM NOM GREEN BEANS!!!!!!!!!! mushy mushy mushy green beans! haha

Here is just 2 coats ULTA Limelight, used for the base color.

2 coats of Orly Jungle Love, over Limelight

2 coats of Orly Jungle Love, over Limelight... slightly can see through it.

I then used my fan brush dipped in acetone remover to make cuticle to nail tip strokes in different directions and sometimes just the tip of the fan brush was used.

This is the GREEN BEANS mani finished, no top coat.

again.. GREEN BEANS mani finished, no top coat.

and here is the green bean princess herself!!! with a green bean 'stache!!!


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  1. Love the mani! and of course the pic of that beautiful girl!

  2. awwww how cute I wanna Violet!!!

  3. Aw, adorable.

    I really like this technique. I've seen a few variations and it always looks cool. :)

  4. I've not seen this technique before, looks fab!


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