Friday, March 9, 2012

14 Day children's Challenge - DAY 1!

IT'S TIME IT'S TIME!!! The challenge is starting today! Well... now!

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Day 1 - A color that reminds you of your child

The first thing I thought of was a Violet named polish (like my post yesterday), but then standing in front of my stash of polish it hit me! I am going to use the color I wore the day she was born :)
August 19th 2011 at 9:45pm I had just finished up a heaping portion of Applebees' 3 cheese penne pasta and was so tired but the next was my due date and in case Violet decided to come on time (and she did, the little princess that she is) and I couldn't be in pictures and see people without pretty nails (don't judge! haha). First color I chose was a Steelers yellow (that night was also the first of the pre-season games, my faves Pittsburgh Steelers were playing)... SinfulColors - Pull Over. Long story short, I went into labor at 10pm and had Violet painlessly (and easily, child labor is cake!) and happily the next day, August 20th at 11:55am :)

I cut myself out because let me tell you how terrible I looked... I looked terrible. However, my nails do not!!! Nor does Violet for that matter!

3 coats of this and I still see streaking but it is a dollar polish and that's not terrible for the price. I topped off with Nubar Diamont top coat.

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  1. pretty!! Even though I'm not a fan of yellow!

    1. I've never been a fan of yellow on my nails but darker yellows like this ( i guess you could call it goldenrod but whatever lol ) look soooo nice. and im a sucker for neons i have lots of neon yellows

  2. I also am no fan of yellow but it is pretty and I knew Violet would be right on time


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