Saturday, January 14, 2012

Revlon - No Shrinking Violet !!!

Well I had some inspiration today to do a post to show off a gorgeous violet purple. What is the difference between violet and purple? (okay Traci and Hashley!) Violet has more of a blue tone to the purple where a standard purple has well.... a purple tone! its one tone one one one! How boring! I say we all need violet nails :)

Not too long ago I received a surprise from my friend Taylor from Nailed to the T blog, a bottle of Revlon's No Shrinking Violet. I love how everyone knows how much I love violet, maybe my daughter's name gives it away :)

In the bottle it looks pretty plain for a shimmer and not very violet. I have learned not to judge a polish by it's bottle. On the nail in some light you can totally see the blue tone to it, there is a slight slight slight pink shimmer in there too but I see little fine glitter bits of a purple-pink hue. It is the base color that truly makes this a violet! It applies super smooth and easy, no weird drying like I have had with some other Revlon polish I own.

All pictures are in sunlight, 2 coats No Shrinking Violet, 1 coat Nubar Diamont seal&shine top coat.

can you see the blue tone? can you??? :)

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