Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OPI - It's A Girl! and Color Club - Covered In Diamonds

Well I figured it was time for some girly nails... hehe. I love sheer polish... jelly polish... nude polish... with glitter or flakes! One of my untried bottles of OPI, It's A Girl, was a baby shower gift from my friend Traci! It was one of my lemmings from an older OPI collection and of course since I was having a baby girl this was perfect! <3

It's A Girl, is a simple soft (very) sheer pink, no shimmer or anything which is nice it gives a crisp color. On the nail it is almost the color of my skin and I did 3 coats since it is sheer and it applied great no problems and is a great formula for a sheer polish. A lot of people don't like that "visible nail line" from the tips showing through... I LOVE IT! I think it looks like there is liquid floating on my nail... it just looks cool, alright! :)  I once tried to but down on a nail because I thought it was part of my Jolly Rancher candy... oh yes... I did.

I of course do not like plain nails unless the polish is gorgeous on its own like a flakie or uber glitter hehe :) So I added some chunky flake polish from Color Club, Covered In Diamonds, it is a PAIN in the tush to apply because it is so chunky and the brush is a little small.. but it gave me the look I wanted so I'm complaining no more! 1 coat of Covered In Diamonds.


  1. Very pretty!! Definitely girly, I like girly ;0)

  2. Oh yes SUPER girly! I really found from this one that I do not like chunky flakies anymore haha just the pure fine flakies like HITS and those new Finger Paints


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